King Tony #9TD403, 1/2" Drive Damaged Nuts Remover Socket - United Solid Facility Inc.

King Tony #9TD403, 1/2" Drive Damaged Nuts Remover Socket

  • ₱879.00

  • Ideal for the removal of rounded, damaged, or corroded nuts, bolts, oil drain plugs, pipe nozzles, studs, exhaust manifold nuts, marine nuts, etc...
  • Made of top grade SNCM alloy steal for good wear resistance and durability
  • Superior quality professional tools
  • Superior quality exceeded the USA (A.N.S.I) and Germany (DIN) quality standard.
  • Exported and sold in 80 different countries worldwide
  • Made in Taiwan

“King-Tony” Tools are high quality professional hand tools w/c can compare to most of the quality trusted brands in the market. Its superior quality exceeded the USA A.N.S.I and Germany DIN standard and earned the acceptance in the USA, France, Germany and more than 80 countries in the world while maintaining its reasonable price level.